Name: Kaliningrad (Yacht Club)
Country: Russia
54° 39' 55" N - 20° 23' 17" E

Kaliningrad Yacht Club
Info: Yacht Club Kaliningrad.
The harbour of the Yacht Club Kaliningrad is sited very beautiful at the Kaliningrad Lagoon (Kaliningradskij Zaliv) and has some berths for visitors.
The harbour is kept under surveillance by night and day.

Some hundred meters away from the yacht harbour several bus lines offer transfers to Kaliningrad every some minutes; the bus trip to the center of Kaliningrad lasts approximately 40 minutes.
Shelter: All winds
Max. lenght: m
Max. draught: 1.7 m
No of berths:  

The access from the Sea Channel through the Lagoon, just 2 nautical miles, is possible rather easily up to a draught of 1.7 meters. Yachts up to a draught of 2.4 meters need an appropriate high water level. Charts a definitely necessary to enter the harbour.

After our visit three years ago this was the third attempt to make the 3 nautical miles from the sea channel to the sailing club without grounding - and for the third time we failed, this time only after a few meters. I was angry and decided to note GSP waypoints in order to publish them.

Here they are:

Leave the sea channel a few ship lengths west from buoy 37 (a red-green junction buoy) and take the passage to the lagoon. Try to stay at a maximum 10 meters from the westerly shore.

Then run down the ship to an apparent red-green couple of buoys which is located 0,6 nautical miles away at 240°. The position of the buoys is N 54° 41,135' / E 020° 21,871'

From there follow course 237° for about 0,7 nautical miles to a landfall buoy on N 54° 40,746' / E 020° 20,842. Watch out: Exactly on the baseline between the buoys and the landfall buoy, nearly half way between them, a wooden barricade sticks out of the water. Probably the rest of an old fishery net.

From here it is only a few meters to reach the waypoint N 54° 40,655' / E 020° 20,943' which is southerly from a bunch of set nets.

Reaching this waypoint, please go to N 54° 40,328' / E 020° 21,735' which is about course 115°.

Now go to the very small approach buoy of the yacht club which is at N 54° 40,159' / E 020° 23,029'.

At 140° you can see beacons at the entrance of the yacht club. Please stay on the line of bearing for about 0,25 nautical miles because the waters starboard are very shallow. The yacht club is at N 54° 39,962' / E 020° 23,305'.

This approach was trouble-free for our 1,41 m draught. When going back a few days later we succeeded for the first time without grounding. According to our sonar we even had a clearance of 30 cm at the shallowest point. However, this information is without any warranty.

Homepage: Kaliningrad Yacht club
Services: A sailmaker is located in the harbour
Toilet and a shower room (both of them rather simple)
Bus to Kaliningrad city